Mondale High School was founded in July of 1982 and has been running successfully ever since. We have produced excellent results academically and with our extra mural activities and still continuously strive to attain academic and sporting excellence.


To achieve continued academic and sporting excellence. To make our school's mission a reality we need the help of our ex learners to help current learners to make informed career choices, set up a bursary fund and raise funds for existing projects and future endeavours.


The Mondale High Community outreach program was established in December 2000.


We recognise the school as a vehicle through which the community of Mitchell's Plain as a whole can be uplifted.

We endeavour to uplift the community of Mitchell's Plain irrespective of race, religion or creed.

It is our quest to expose Mondale's learners and educators to the lessfortunate in our community.


Although Mondale High is considered a beacon in Mitchell's Plain, concerned staff members saw the need to establish a community outreach programme at school to expose learners and educators to the plight of the less fortunate in our community.


We have raised money for the Salvation Army Mini- Blanket campaign. These mini-blankets were joined in a beautiful tapestry of colours and textures to serve as a symbol of our goodwill to the community.

Presently we are assisting the St. Luke's fill a bag project. Gently worn clothing is collected by staff and learners.

A soup kitchen was started at school where every class and its teacher are FREE to learners. The soup is prepared by parents at home.

It is our intention to start a Food Bank where we can assist the needy families in our community by giving them food parcels. We are in dire need of donations.

We assist the LOFOB with their street collections.

Outreach Project Shoe Handover

Learners and educators participate in Blisters for Bread Walk in August to raise money for the Peninsula Feeding Scheme.

We hosted a Grandparent Day on 6 October 2001 in the Portlands Sports Centre where we honoured our senior citizens.

We appeal to all businesses in the community to support the community which sustains them. We would welcome assistance from them and their goodwill towards the community will be acknowledged.