1.) Learners/Parents/Guardians must ensure that they are conversant with the requirements of the Schools Code of Conduct.

2.) Learners are to carry out all instructions given to them by any person of authority.

3.) Learners are to assist in keeping the buildings and grounds neat and clean. All litter is to be deposited in refuse bins.

4.) Learners are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour both inside and outside of the school.

5.) No learner shall bring discredit to the school by any unseemly behaviour in any public place, at the school or at any other school.

6.) Learners on the school premises, or in school uniform, or recognisable as Mondale learners, when attending any school activity may not be in possession of or use tobacco, alcohol, weapons or any allied entity or illegal substance. To be in the company of any pupil breaking this rule will also be considered as a serious offence.

7.) Learners may not touch or tamper with any possessions belonging to staff or other learners. Learners are responsible for their belongings and should mark all clothing, equipment, books and cases/bags clearly. Theft is considered to be a very serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly.

8.) Learners waiting for buses or any other form of transport before or after school or while travelling shall do so in an orderly manner and shall behave in accordance with the instructions of the driver or person officially in charge.

9.) No motor vehicle/cycles of learners propelled by petrol or diesel or a mixture thereof will be allowed on school premises.

10.) Learners may not put up posters or circulate pamphlets without the permission of the principal. All posters must be signed.

11.) Vandalism will not be tolerated and any form of damaging or defacing of property such as furniture, walls, equipment and books will be regarded as a most serious offence.

12.) Notices and newsletters are an essential method of communication between the school and the home. Learners are to ensure that notices handed out at school are given to parents/guardians and that the reply slips are returned punctually.

13.) No ball games are allowed within the environs of the school buildings.

14.) Learners are to be punctual at all times. This includes being on time for school, for class and extra-mural activities. Late-comers for school/class will attend same day detention classes.

15.) No learner is to be in area of the school which is designated as out of bounds area. i.e. parking area and Admin Blocks.

16.) No excuses will be accepted for not attending a set detention.

17.) Bullying, fighting and the use of offensive language will not be tolerated.

18.) Cellphones are not allowed at school and will be confiscated for a week. A fine of R100.00 is to be paid. Only parents may collect the cellphone after the fine is paid.

19.) Recording devices are not allowed at school and will be confiscated.

20.) Defacing of school uniform or bags are not allowed.

21.) Homework is compulsory.


1.) Staff members are referred to by name i.e. Mr/Mrs or as Sir or Madam as applicable.

2.) Learners must greet staff members when meeting or passing each other during the day.

3.) Adults on the school grounds, particularly parents and visitors must be afforded the utmost courtesy.

4.) If a member of staff passes along the corridor or through a doorway; learners are expected to stand back to allow the person to pass.

5.) If a learner is sitting down when an adult enters the room he/she is to stand up to greet the person.

6.) Disrespectful behaviour or impertinence directed at any adult is totally unacceptable. Offensive language may never be used.

7.) The ground staff and the administrative staff are integrated to the school and courtesy is to be extended to them.


1.)  The school starts at 08h00. All learners must be punctual and attend school regularly. In all cases of absence, the parents or guardians must notify the school by letter. This letter preferably to be signed by the person who signed the learner's admission form.

2.)  Learners have to be neatly attired in their school uniform when at school. Unbecoming clothing is prohibited.

3.)  Homework and revision must be done regularly and parents must undertake to exercise strict control over their children's study programme.

4.)  There is to be no smoking on and off school premises by Mondale learners.

5.)  Behaviour in the corridors and on the stairs must be orderly.

6.)  Eating or drinking is not permitted in the classrooms.

7.)  There will be no talking during Assembly and until all staff has left the Assembly.

8.)  All appointments i.e. Medical, Dental, interviews or Drivers tests must not be made t during school hours. Learners may only leave the school premises during school hours with the permission of the principal and then only on receipt of a letter from the parent/guardian. Extended absence from school must also be referred to the principal.

9.)  In case of absence a letter from the parents is required. During exams only a medical certificate will be considered for absenteeism.

10.)  Learners may not meet visitors at school without permission.

11.)  Parents or visitors may under no circumstances go directly to a teacher, but should first come to the office. Parents must make an appointment to see staff.

12.)  Parents and learners are held responsible for gratis stationery and textbooks. Parents will be asked to bear the cost of replacement if books are lost, defaced or rendered useless.

13)  The school will not be held accountable for any valuables lost or misplaced at school, during academic excursions or at school functions. Learners will at all times be responsible for the safekeeping of their possessions. Before and after school as well as during intervals, learners are to keep their school bags with them and not leave them in front of classrooms.

14.)  1 day verbal notification will be given to the learner except in the case of latecomers for school and class who will do same day detention.


1.)  HAIR
The basic rule is that hair must be neat and tidy and short. No modern hair styles and hair colours. Hair may not be gelled, tinted or rinsed with a colour rinse. Any learner who violates this rule will be required to restore his/her to its original natural colour. No ?Alice bands? allowed. Hair to be tied with blue pompom. Boys hair must be short and of equal length. A number one or two haircut depending on type of hair.

School dresses/skirts must be of an acceptable length. Only black opaque tights allowed. Only plain white socks is allowed for girls. Only A-framed skirts allowed.

3.)  SHOES
BOYS: Only black laced up shoes may be worn
GIRLS: Only black school shoes my be worn

Blazer sleeves may not be pushed up. Only recognised badges may be worn on blazers or dresses, no little ornaments etc..

Only plain royal blue Dri-Macs are allowed to and from school during 2nd and 3rd quarter or the official raincoat obtainable from the official supplier.

Only the official school jersey is allowed to be worn.

Only the official school tracksuit is allowed (non-shiny). No new design tracksuits are allowed. Only girls are allowed to wear the official tracksuit or grey school pants during the 2nd and 3rd term. Boys are not allowed to wear a track pants as part of a uniform.


Only a plain royal blue or white scarf may be worn. Obtainable from official supplier.

Only a plain royal blue neck scarf may be worn. Obtainable from official supplier.

No jewellery is allowed except a wrist watch with a plain strap. (No fancy bands) e.g. No rings/bangles/chains/gold teeth/slits/rubies etc. Belts must be plain black (No fancy buckles or studs allowed).

10.)  MAKE-UP
No make-up is allowed.