Mondale High is a Dinaledi Mathematics and Science focus school. In accordance with the WCED policy for the management of admission and registration of learner at public schools the following apply:-


Only learners with specific aptitudes will be allowed to attend a Dinaledi school. Thus, not every learner will be entitled to education at a Dinaledi school; nor will every learner be entitled to equal access to a Dinaledi school without meeting the subject ability requirements to benefit from such access. There could thus be fair discrimination in terms of admission to schools based on aptitude.


In terms of the National Admission Policy par. 11, where placement in a specific course or programme, e.g. mathematics is required, and where it would be in the educational interest of the learner, he or she may be requested to undergo a competence test to assist a placement decision.


This provision is applicable for admission to Dinaledi schools where learners would be required to sit for tests in specialist fields to assess suitability of placement in a Dinaledi school. The assessment for placement could also include interviews.

The amount of applications for admission received by Mondale High each year far exceeds what the school can accommodate. This demand is due to the excellence achieved in academic, sport and other spheres of education. The school is committed not only to maintaining high standards in education but to improve it and striving for excellence. While all students are encourage to realise their full potential, the achievers are the ones who affirm the standard of excellence. All applicants have to qualify in terms of the criteria of this admission policy. No primary school is an automatic feeder to Mondale High.


Applicants who qualify for acceptance due to a proven aptitude for academic excellence. Mondale High is a Dinaledi Mathematics and Science focus school.

Preference will be given to an applicant who shows sound academic ability and strong participation in other school activities or wholesome outside activities, and whose continued participation during the high school years would be of mutual benefit to the student and the enrichment of school life at Mondale.

A compulsory test will take place of all applicants. Those applicants who meet the above criteria may then also be interviewed.