"P" Party event - May 2014 - See gallery below

They came dressed as police officers, pediatricians, personal trainers, pimp's and some were even brave enough to come in their pajamas... all for the P party fundraiser held in May.

Former pupils from Mondale were welcomed by a photographer and were able to take a trip down memory lane with former teachers and old school friends sharing old school tales and enjoying music from the time. Valencia Ruiters from the class of 1993, had recently returned from the UK after living in the country for 12 years said it was 'amazing' to be at the event and in support of a 'worthy' cause. "I am so proud to be part of the event and hope others will support future events". Another guest who came to support the event, Lydia Plaatjies said apart from a fun evening it was also great to support a worthy event. "It was great to see old friends connect and being able to share stories and it's also a great way to give back to our communities".

Fellow pupil Natasha Reich concurred and said it was definitely a function worth supporting. The Mondale Alumni Association extended their "heartfelt gratitude" to everyone for supporting the event. "Whilst we all had loads of fun we also managed to raise just over R14 000, which would be used for either bursaries or other initiatives at the school", said school principal Owen Bridgens. "We believe that each and every contribution assists the Mondale school community", Bridgens added.