Principal's Address

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all parents and learners to Mondale High School. May your child not only gain knowledge but wisdom. May we as a school be able to impart to your child a caring, respectful, obedient and loving nature.


Success is a consequence of discipline, dedication and determination. It is prevalent when good relationships exist between father son or mother and daughter. It is when there is a good relationship between teacher and parent that learners do well and inevitably excel. A harmonious relationship is essential between the school and parent. When we understand one another, progress take place and together we will be able to achieve anything we set our minds to. We need to support one another in all ventures envisaged for the school.


We strife continuously to attain Academic and Sporting excellence. To Mondale it is not an option. In this quest we rely on the families who form part of this institution. We hope that you and your child will endeavour to make Mondale High an even better school.